VR Egg Machine

VR egg machine with 360 degree panoramic view, 2160P HD resolution independent eyes, special immersive helmet, helmet to reduce vertigo, built-in 9-axis high-precision sensor, sensitive capture head micro switch, curved angle, 360 degree panorama Deep immersion experience.
VR egg machine is highly interesting, novel, stimulating, shocking, entertaining, and popular. It can be used in various shopping centers, theme parks, playgrounds, science exhibition halls, leisure clubs, VIP clubs, KTV, game halls, large Cinemas, home theaters, Internet cafes, exhibitions, etc., can easily reach a large number of, quickly attracting the attention of passers-by and the ultimate entertainment experience.
VR egg machine allows users to interact with the 3D virtual reality environment through a variety of interactive devices to enhance the immersion of the user experience; and to support users to develop third-party applications.
Through the secondary development package provided by the system, the application customization development is based on the VR egg machine virtual reality platform to meet the individual needs of users. There is no color distortion, bandwidth limitations, and system delays compared to large screen display solutions based on video capture.
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1. 360° rotating platform: The rotating platform is based on a high level of freedom. Once you move forward and turn around, you can fully experience the real fun of the new comic world space shift.
2. Interactive cabin with dynamic effects: let you feel the real world of the movie.
3. Freedom of vision: There is no dead corner, bringing you a new and funny world to enjoy the true feelings.
4. Amazing virtual reality experience: Explore every wonderful creation in our world.
1. Major real estate sales centers;
2. Interacting with major shopping malls;
3. Major parks;
4. Annual meeting interactive warming;
5. Brand promotion venue;
6. Automobile 4S shop sales center;
7. Exhibition booths at various convention centers.