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Why Odd Shadow Illusion Can Peer In At De-Ying
- Aug 04, 2016 -

Proliferation of low-end 4D/5D cinemas currently on the market, homogenization to fierce competition, quality is uneven, but a passive viewing experience is the same. Odd film fantasy 7D new interactive entertainment cinema is 5 d cinema industry to bring new life, so 5D passive experience of the theater will be replaced by new genuine interactive cinema 7D, this trend is irreversible, 4D5D movie is currently upgrading the best project, the audience of this new viewing experience to take a keen interest. (1) the odd fantasy 7D Theater in both videos 7D interactive movies, can also broadcast 3D/4D/5D traditional films, chose the 7 d is equivalent to selecting the "SI" 3D/4D/5D/7D movie opportunity shop best greatly attracted passengers, the "gold" super strong. (2) the market reaction, by the majority of visitors to welcome visitors, investors, young audiences and popular and lucrative return on investment, achieve the audience of tourists, investment managers and third-party win. Regardless of market analysis, also is in reality investors return on investment have been clearly verified, 7D investments is the new trend of investment in the future of the theater.

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