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Which Is More Developmental In VR Technology And AR Technology?
- Feb 10, 2019 -

VR technology and AR technology are the most popular technologies today. It is inevitable that someone will make a comparison between the two. One is artificial intelligence and the other is virtual reality. So, is it artificial intelligence VR or virtual reality AR? On behalf of the future, more developmental?

2018 is also known as the first year of AI (artificial intelligence). In addition to the extensive layout of intelligent voice, whether VR and AR will continue to develop, which development prospects are greater, has become the focus of everyone's attention.

VR experience

You may wish to set a scene. When you stand in your living room and bring VR glasses, your scene is completely replaced in the Louvre in the Louis XIV era. Walk around to see the magical scene, laughter. The ladies and handsome jazz are dancing, and you are picking your own partner, but in the glory of Yu Guang, a masked man is sneaking in front of the oil painting "Mona Lisa's Smile". At this moment, will you choose to stop him?

Every step of the game is played in your free perspective and free walk; every sudden event may be triggered by your own gesture. Of course, if you didn't look in the direction of the oil painting "Mona Lisa's Smile", but looked at King Louis XIV, you might happen to see the Iron Man and the three Musketeers. This is the meaning of VR games, completely immersing you, both illusory but very real.

AR experience

So, what kind of experience does AR bring?

This time, you are really standing in the current Louvre, with AR glasses. At this time, the scene is still the scene, but each painting has its value and profile, and it’s even closer. There will be painters who use paint and painting techniques for analysis. Not only that, but this pair of AR glasses will also help you to score the value of each man and woman in front of you.

Of course, you can hide the map in the glasses, help you plan the best viewing route, and even have a map of the area, and the artworks selected according to your personal interests. Through automatic navigation, you can avoid those crowded with tourists. Area, better appreciate the art treasures you want to see. This is AR, augmented reality, allowing you to get more added value based on what you see on weekdays.

How do you play the game? For example, the artworks you have seen in the Louvre can directly become your props in the virtual game world, or the necessary elements to complete the mission; and you have to find treasures in the "reality" to complete the tasks in the game. This is similar to the popular sports bracelets and smart running shoes. Every day, while exercising, you can add gold coins and game opportunities to your parkour game image.

Of course, there are many implementation forms of VR and AR game experience. Perhaps the transition between reality and virtuality in "The Matrix" may be the future of "Double R"...

As for MR, it is VR+AR, Mixed Reality (MR). The specific definition is to mix the real world and the virtual world to create a new visual environment. The environment contains both physical entities and virtual information, and must It is "real time". In fact, it allows you to see both the real world (similar to AR) and colleagues to see virtual objects (similar to VR). The virtual object is then fixed in the real space, giving a sense of realism.

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