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When Cows Are Paired With VR Glasses
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Can cows wear glasses? This is not ordinary glasses. Recently, Zhang Yanjun, an associate professor of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Yangzhou University, led the “VR Family” college students' innovative practice team. With virtual reality technology, a smart VR glasses for emotional behavior adjustment was customized for cows, which can be rested, milked and mated separately. In the breeding, eating and other aspects, the virtual scene is pushed against the emotional behavior of the cow to achieve the effect of emotional comfort and behavior regulation of the cow, improving the appetite of the cow, improving the milk quality and milk yield.

"Technology supports agriculture and serves the society. The virtual reality-based dairy cow smart glasses combines the physiological and psychological characteristics of dairy cows with virtual reality technology, which not only realizes a great leap in product function, but also drives the development of animal husbandry to a certain extent." Zhang Yanjun said.

In the case of modern animal husbandry, dairy cows are kept in a centralized environment, and the mood of cows is closely related to their visual reception. In the centralized farming environment, due to factors such as narrow activity space and monotonous visual field, it is easy to cause emotional instability of the cows and a decrease in milk quality and milk volume.

"After noticing this phenomenon, we would like to be able to use the expertise we have learned, combined with the latest technology to make the cows happy. This is the original intention of our design of this product." Team leader Yang Lan said.

The reporter learned that the VR cow smart glasses invented by the "VR Family" innovation practice team can enable the cows to "integrate" into the virtual ideal natural environment, and realize the intuitive and natural interaction between the cow and the virtual environment. Even in a small breeding shed, cows can feel the infinite natural scenery outdoors, immersed in the beautiful scenery of clear water and blue sky, and better rest, eat and milk in a pleasant mood.

It is understood that the product combines Internet technology, computer graphics technology, sensor technology and virtual reality technology with modern animal husbandry, so that cows can enter the virtual ideal natural environment, without affecting the conventional feeding mode. Improve the quality of milk production by adjusting its mood and experiencing the effects of a truly natural and beautiful environment.

“From the perspective of the living habits of dairy cows, there are many stages in their daily life. For example, before eating, after milking, and at rest, you can adjust your mood by wearing this VR glasses in different scenes. Effectively improve the physical and mental health of dairy cows, and effectively improve the efficiency of the dairy industry," Yang said.

Because cows and humans have many differences in physiological structure, the existing VR glasses used by humans cannot meet the use of cow head structure in the field of vision, wearing method, and virtual scene content. This also adds a lot of difficulties to the R&D path of the “VR Family” team.

In response to this situation, the research team went to Yangzhou University's farms for field trips and 3D measurements, and learned about the physiological and psychological characteristics of the cows through the head and eye anatomy of the cows, and collected the cow heads that recorded multiple breeds of different growth stages. Data such as size and pitch width.

After continuous design and improvement, the research team finally designed a glasses structure that is unique to cows. It is reported that this VR glasses structure for cows collects the split-type contour frame structure, which solves the visual needs of the cow's big eyes and wide field of view.

Team member Guo Yazhen introduced that the utility model has simple structure, convenient adjustment and beautiful appearance, and is very convenient to be worn and disassembled; the small front end large trumpet frame housing can adapt to the structure of the cow's face expansion; the contact edge is made of silica gel. The flexible material of the ring makes the rear end surface of the frame shell more closely match the eye, reduces the pressure on the eye of the cow, and increases the comfort of the cow and the stability of the cooperation of the glasses.

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