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Wearing VR Glasses To See The Body Due To Drug Failure After The Public Experience The Drug To Say No
- Jun 15, 2018 -

In order to let more citizens understand and support the fight against drugs, on the morning of the 12th, the Yuzhong District Anti-Drug Commission of the Chongqing Municipality and the Suizhong Police Force officially launched the theme activities of the National Anti-Drug Campaign.

    At the scene of the drug hazard scene, many citizens are curious to wear VR glasses. “I saw that because of the 'drug abuse', my body's organs slowly broke, and it was really scary. I must not be able to contaminate drugs.” Ms. Liu, who had just experienced, said after she won the glasses. “It is fortunate that such equipment can be intuitively Feelings and experiences have increased our knowledge and enhanced our ability to defend against drugs.” Many people came to experience the "I told drugs no" anti-drug volunteer signing area and firmly signed their names.

    At the event, the Yuzhong District Narcotics Control Commission also used the methods of 3D simulation of drug and drug use tools, display of anti-narcotic works of art, anti-drug knowledge, and other means to allow citizens to understand drugs and understand the dangers of drugs.


    The citizens at the scene stated that this activity is lively and interesting and has an educational significance. In the future, we will start from ourselves and “cherish life and stay away from drugs”. At the same time, we need to drive our relatives and friends away from drug use and drug trafficking, and discover that drugs are being used to attract drugs. Play 110 alarms, and resolutely fight illegal drugs and criminal activities.

    “We have launched anti-drug campaigns, all of which are promoting the popularization of anti-drug knowledge, advocating a healthy and sunny lifestyle, creating a social atmosphere that promotes the good, and inspiring the general public and friends, especially young people who have a dream to pursue.” said the person in charge of the event. He hoped that the whole society should vigorously support, actively participate in, actively integrate into the anti-drug cause, spread the baton, pass positive energy, promote the main melody, further consolidate the ideological foundation of anti-drug for all people, build a steel defense line for all people to fight drugs, and jointly create a healthy life and stay away from it. Drugs, a social atmosphere that embraces a beautiful life.

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