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Vr Traffic Safety Experience
- Jan 15, 2019 -

Science and technology not only leads the high-quality development of China's economy, but also outlines a beautiful scene for people's lives.

Automatic window cleaning robot, warehouse picking robot, driverless, AR touch mirror... artificial intelligence, VR, AR and other technologies combined with the depth of real life

  The application of VR industry is more and more blooming, especially in the fields of medical care and education. Customized VR education content and clinical surgery guidance, VR application is beginning to mature. The high-bandwidth, low-latency communication technology brought by the 5G era will bring greater development opportunities to VR.

 As a pioneering company with innovative technology, it also showed a number of VR technologies, and the audience felt the full black technology charm.

   VR solutions in areas such as traffic safety training and safety science. Wear VR glasses to simulate a traffic safety test. When you encounter an accident, you know how to avoid it and collect data. Experience the traffic process with an interactive VR game that is more immersive than the general training experience.

   Mainly based on VR equipment display and experience, VR traffic safety seat has become a highlight. The dynamic driving experience cabin, coupled with a realistic road environment, dynamic sound effects, attracted many people to watch the show, everyone rushed to experience the latest VR equipment, and took pictures.

        This year's high-tech fair has achieved fruitful results and introduced its independent research and development products in an all-round and multi-angle manner. Local distributors and customers came to understand VR traffic safety products and gave full affirmation and positive evaluation! Believe in the future, it will bring more and more surprises to the field of traffic safety.

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