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Vr Simulation Fire Virtual Scene
- Jan 25, 2019 -

There are many problems with traditional fire truck drills, such as high input costs, ineffective training results, lack of security, and poor repeatability. Using VR technology for fire safety training, the virtual fire truck training scene can be simulated realistically, providing new means for the operation training of fire trucks and solving many shortcomings of the traditional training mode.

   With the help of VR technology, it has broken the time and geographical restrictions, enabling firefighters to carry out "fire disaster relief" and fire truck practice operations "without leaving the house." Quickly explore the face of the VR fire truck with the stolen dream sauce.

   First, the immersion experience, scene restoration.

The fire truck is modeled by VR technology, allowing trainees to operate in near real scenes. VR fire truck simulator truly simulates the bombing fire truck cab environment, including appearance, regional functions, operating platform, motion feedback, etc., simulates the findings and gains of the operation process, and has the purpose of guiding users to familiarize themselves with the product itself and the operation process. . After the simulation training, the firefighters can operate the vehicle without excessive training when they are on the actual vehicle. Even in a dark or emergency fire environment, combatants who arrive at the fire can quickly fight.

   Second, immersive and interactive.

   Compared with traditional training, VR can bring more vision and authenticity. Through immersive experience, it can not only cross the skills, coordination, and command, but also familiarize firefighters with equipment principles, functions and operating procedures. Train firefighters on the operation, maintenance and repair skills of fire truck equipment. The trainee can use the relevant VR device to interact with objects in the virtual scene, such as switching scenes, moving, turning on the device, using communication equipment, and the like. This kind of interactive learning allows more firefighters to get in touch with the training of fire trucks, which is very valuable for the trainees.

   Third, entertaining and learning, improve results.

  “Before we brought hundreds of firefighters to a location for training, and only a few fire-fighting vehicles could not meet the actual drills of the trainees,” said the head of the Korean Firefighters Training School. “With VR now, it has successfully attracted the attention of the trainees, so that each firefighter can get in touch with them personally, familiar with the principles, functions and operating procedures of the equipment, which is more effective and convincing than the traditional training lectures.”

   Using VR technology to teach firefighters how to use vehicle rescue and on-site operations to avoid risks. This also helps firefighters gain more realistic, transferable skills to improve training.

   Fire truck simulators and virtual scenes, using VR technology, enable firefighters to constantly grind their coping skills in a dangerous VR scene, familiar with the equipment's operating procedures, so they can better enter the burning in the face of real fire scenes Preparation of the building. Currently, we are working with the Korean Firefighter Training School to discuss and develop this project!

   The innovation of VR fire protection is that it uses the most advanced virtual reality technology to implant virtual training scenes in real life, create high-fidelity fire images and create an immersive fire scene experience. Can bring more effective training content and a safer exercise environment.

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