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Vr Simulation Driving Came: Experience Real Driving
- Dec 25, 2018 -

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VR is also very popular in the field of training and education, especially in VR simulation driving training. Then VR driving is approaching people's sights and simulating real cars through virtual reality technology VR. Then bring you a detailed introduction to VR driving.

Recently, Aceable, a startup in Austin, Texas, made possible a more realistic safe driving education with 360° VR panoramic video.

The purpose of Aceable's move is to evoke the importance of safe driving. The students can also apply the theory to practice through panoramic video, such as checking the blind spots of the rearview mirror, looking around the environment around the car, and what is easy to cause traffic accidents.

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Undoubtedly, VR virtual driving can allow many new drivers to have more in the first stage of their own life, even when they have not yet owned, in the driving process and road conditions and other unexpected factors. The old driver is old and calm, and keeps people who use VR driving to stay alert.

It can be said that VR+ driving is not harmful to the newcomers of learning cars. From the perspective of training, VR can help them master driving skills quickly; from the perspective of safety prevention, VR can enhance their resilience and vigilance. heart.

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