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VR Poison Driving Simulation System
- Dec 22, 2018 -

   The 9D vector synergy simulation technology is applied to the driver according to the visual, tactile and auditory dynamics of the VR device. Through 360-degree environmental simulation, the environmental effects such as blurred vision, dizziness, and rotation during the poisonous driving process can be realized, and the real feeling of getting rid of driving can be experienced, and people can feel the behavior that will occur during the process of drug driving.

VR drug awareness introduction system

      The drug awareness introduction system displays 360-degree all-round display, wearing VR equipment, various drugs can be presented in front of your eyes, giving visitors a refreshing feeling. The multi-point interactive touch inquiry system classifies all drug data through the system and visits. People can understand a variety of drugs from a multi-faceted, more intuitive and detailed.

VR anti-drug warning prevention education system

     Using seat effects and environmental effects, the surreal visual experience is combined with special, stimulating effects to simulate the anti-virus scene and detoxification scene with simulated scenes and special organ settings. The wearer wears a virtual reality helmet, and the ultra-real anti-drug scene will appear in front of him. The seat dynamic warehouse will make different special effects with the anti-drug game plot.VR poison driving simulation system.jpg

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