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VR Interaction And Positioning
- Jul 05, 2018 -

"The VR industry's just-needed space is also a spatial positioning technology, because the spatial positioning technology can realize the interaction between the actual operation and the virtual environment, solve the problem of insufficient mobile VR immersion, and greatly enhance the user experience."

OTO VR Shuttle.jpg

VR/AR interactive product. Simply put, it's a key suite of VR products on the market that fits into the tens of millions of mobile VR/AR helmets on the market today. It consists of a positioning base station, a helmet positioner and two interactive handles that are portable and easy to use. The core of the software is a set of acoustic and optoelectronic hybrid positioning technology independently developed by the company. During operation, the positioning base station emits sound, light, and radio signals, and through specific processing methods, can realize VR spatial positioning and interactive functions, so that people can feel a feeling of being in the virtual world, that is, the so-called "full immersion" VR experience."

“For example, it can track the position of the VR head user's characters and hands in a specific space, allowing them to move around, interact with scenes or objects, and copy motion into the game to satisfy a variety of virtual entertainment experiences. ”

The future development direction of the VR industry is a technology that further improves the user experience, such as small and portable, cost-effective, and diverse content, such as further optimizing the mobile VR interactive experience and strengthening cooperation with PC VR. "I hope that in the future we will become synonymous with interaction, and we will talk about interaction. The first thing we think of is us."

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