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VR Glasses That Can Cure Myopia
- Aug 25, 2018 -

As the age increases, the eyesight of the human eye will gradually decrease, the lens of the eyeball will gradually harden and thicken, and the ability of the eye muscles to adjust will also decrease, resulting in a decrease in the zooming ability. Therefore, when looking at a close object, because the image is not fully focused when projected on the retina, the object at a close distance becomes blurred. This physiological phenomenon is called presbyopia.

At the conference, researchers at Stanford University demonstrated a system that automatically corrects the zoom of the human eye, Autofocals, which combines the data of the eye tracker and depth sensor to mimic the natural adjustment of the eye and then automatically drive the focus-adjustable lens. .

Combined with eye tracking technology, the system can determine what content the user is trying to see and then provide the user with the most comfortable visual display. VR users do not need to wear glasses or contact lenses to get a good visual experience.

Currently, the device is currently being tested to more quantitatively measure the shortcomings of the system and test for any possible adverse effects or failures.

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