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Video Assistant Referee System
- Mar 25, 2019 -

In addition, in order to reduce the dispute of misjudgment, this year's World Cup International Football Association also launched VAR (Video assistant referees), which can return all kinds of images captured in the field back to the Moscow International Broadcasting Center. The assistant referee room, compiled and completed by the video assistant referee, and returned to the game site at the first time.

Third, VR live broadcast technology makes you immersive

 VR technology is currently more mature, it is understood that FIFA in order to enhance the audience's VR experience, avoiding the same as the 'Brazil World Cup' is spit "mosaic cup", this time is really bloody, all 33 games It will be available for free through BBC Sports' "VR 2018 World Cup" app. The Ultra HD format will also be available in 29 games that will be played on the BBC One. In order to ensure that every player can play back every moment of regular action, FIFA also uses eight super slow motion cameras and two super high speed cameras to accurately capture every player and never let the audience We have a hint of regret!

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