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Traffic Safety VR Simulation Driving
- Jan 10, 2019 -

The traffic safety VR simulation driving equipment participated in the launching ceremony of the 122 National Traffic Safety Day theme activities of the series "Traffic Safety Day", which is about life, safety and civilized travel, further strengthening the publicity and education of civilized transportation and improving the civilized quality of the masses.

The traffic police in Huadu District let the public watch the traffic safety warning record, traffic gestures and performances, and visit the traffic safety knowledge publicity booth to carry out multi-level civilized transportation knowledge publicity and education, and actively advocate the majority of traffic participants to consciously resist all kinds of uncivilized traffic violations. The behavior reminds the majority of drivers to consciously resist traffic violations such as speeding, overloading, drunk driving, drug driving, red light, etc., to prevent and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

The VR simulation of the traffic safety seat has attracted many people to stop, and everyone is scrambling to experience VR traffic safety equipment.

VR simulation driving equipment, involving drunk driving, illegal lane change, crossing the road, not complying with traffic lights, speeding, etc. more than 10 aspects. With the VR helmet, the public can experience more than ten traffic safety simulation cases through the equipment. The diversity of the presentation forms makes the traffic participants feel interesting and novel.

"Experience this scene, you must follow the traffic regulations after driving." One experienced the danger of driving the VR experience from the chair down.

  Adults also want to experience

“This kind of personal experience is more intuitive than watching a lot of videos and news, and it’s worth promoting!”

Traffic is closely related to everyone's life. The “Traffic Safety Day” publicity campaign has played a positive role in further improving the public awareness of 122 National Traffic Safety Day and improving the awareness of the legal system, safety awareness and moral awareness of the whole people.

VR has also brought diversity to traffic safety promotion. It is believed that with the help of VR technology, traffic safety education will surely break through the traditional indoctrination education, and the quality will be greatly improved!

The details are about life, safe and civilized!

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