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The Global AR/VR Ecosystem Continues To Develop Rapidly. The Total Financing In The First Half Of The Year Broke Through $1 Billion.
- Jul 13, 2018 -

According to media reports, the global AR ecosystem continued to develop rapidly in the first half of this year, and the number of AR companies increased by 50% from the end of 2017 to 290.

Stimulated by Magic Leap's huge financing before it was released, this year's AR market continues to grow rapidly. Tipatat Chennavasin, partner of The Venture Reality Fund, said that investment activities in the first half of this year covered almost every corner of the AR field.

About a year ago, The Venture Reality Fund only tracked the development of 150 AR companies, which increased to 200 at the end of 2017. These companies are developing infrastructure, tools, platforms, applications and content for the AR ecosystem, and TheVenture Reality Fund believes that the development of this area is still very healthy globally.

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“This 50% growth refers to the number of companies. At present, not only many start-up companies have entered this market, but many large companies have also begun to enter,” Chennawakin said.

Chenawakin also said that the VR field, which had been blocked because of the difficulty of making users sticky, has performed well this year, and the amount of investment in this field has also risen. The data shows that in the first half of this year, AR and VR companies received more than $1 billion in total financing.

In the first half of this year, the AR applications and content growth of Apple and Google platforms were the most significant. The data shows that the total number of AR applications downloaded more than 13 million in the first half of the year, but most of them came from the contributions of Pokemon Go and JurassicWorld Alive. Among them, "Pokemon Go" in the two years of the total income has exceeded $ 1.8 billion.

“The market performance of these two extreme cases is indeed very strong, but we have not seen a more common success in this market.”

Chenawakin believes that huge investments in infrastructure such as AR cloud technology will ultimately lead to a richer AR social experience for users.

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