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Technology Announces New Cooperation, Brings New VR Experience
- Jun 15, 2018 -

As VR technology matures, VR brings immersive gaming experience to a new level. The visual and auditory stimuli can no longer meet the enthusiasm of VR players. In order to achieve the player's desire to have a more realistic experience in VR games, the VR olfactory module can compensate for the lack of olfactory sense in the VR game through various odor modules.

Technology Announces New Cooperation, Brings New VR Experience.jpg

As a module accessory, by releasing VR game content and releasing different flavors of perfume, the player's sense of smell in the virtual world is activated, thereby enhancing game immersion. For example, with the smoke-filled shooting scene, the odor generator will produce the odor of the simulated smoke; the scene will have the scent of perfume when the girl passes by; when the player picks up the fruit/coffee in the scene using the interactive device, it can smell Fruit/coffee aromas; even when players add caramel to their coffee, the odor generator accurately simulates the aroma of coffee and caramel.

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