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Strange Shadow Illusion 9D VR Movies
- Aug 04, 2016 -

More and more signs show that virtual reality technology is causing a revolution in human-computer interaction, game industry inevitably involved science fiction or will eventually become a reality. The day before at the CJ, Sony--Morpheus VR systems that have been developed over the years. Scattered up and down screen and wearing parts of the equipment, and reduces the pressure of the face, make it very comfortable to wear, even wearing glasses does not need to be removed. In addition,, Morpheus of the focal length setting is also very convenient, press and hold the button at the bottom of, moves back and forth, both Morpheus has already exceeded many VR headset device. Not only that, Sony has brought the summer classes and the TheDeep and the monster flee and the sound at the beginning of the next four games and more than 20 more DEMO, to detonate the VR experience binge.

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