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See The Importance Of VR Traffic Safety Education From The Chongqing Bus Crash Event In China! ! !
- Jan 30, 2019 -

The VR traffic safety driving system has integrated more than 50 major traffic safety major accidents across the country, and can experience the visual impact and the presence of real-life cases such as drunk driving, drug driving, driving to see mobile phones, red light, speeding, etc. Experience, thus enhancing the awareness of safe driving and emergency response to emergencies.

 The recent Chongqing bus crash incident has attracted the attention of the masses.

     The bus has been seated, small things. Because of such a small matter, the driver quarreled with the passengers and ruined 15 lives. On November 2nd, the cause of Chongqing Wanzhou bus crashed into the river, I believe that many people have the same feelings as Pirates of Dreams: deplore. Poor car with 13 other people, because of other people's mistakes, lost their lives.

    This unfortunate occurrence, driver safety awareness and lack of traffic safety operating procedures, female passengers ignore the public transport safety order, other passengers have a weak sense of traffic safety, insensitivity, "do not care, high hang", It is an important pusher.

    If we search on the Internet, we will find that the news that "passengers grab the steering wheel" has happened many times. Sometimes it is a bus, sometimes a bus. What should a bus driver do if he or she experiences excessive passenger behavior or an emergency?

   In this official report, the driver’s responsibility was pointed out very correctly. “As a bus driver, when driving a bus, you should realize that the resilience and catching behavior will seriously endanger the safety of the vehicle, but no effective measures have been taken. Ensure driving safety, and its behavior seriously violates the bus driving entry rules."

   As a high-tech that has emerged in the last two years, VR, as a technology that the country vigorously promotes development and popularization, has great significance in traffic safety driving awareness and skill training.

   According to statistics, in recent years, there have been more than 12,000 traffic accidents in China every year, and the annual traffic accidents are about 4.7 million. Casualties exceed 200,000 per year. Through a large number of traffic accident sampling analysis, we found that most accidents are caused by human factors. The driver's safety awareness is insufficient, the driver drives illegally, the driver is unpredictable about the cause of the traffic accident, and the driver's emergency handling of the traffic accident is improper. As a developed country, Japan has a population of about 125 million people in 2017, but the number of casualties in traffic accidents is only 3,694. It is one of the countries with the least annual traffic accidents in the world. It turns out that Japan is just driving a simulated safety system to simulate dangerous accidents on the road section to correct driver's driving errors and improve their safe driving awareness.

VR+ traffic safety is integrated into its VR virtual driving products. Through VR technology, the driver is immersed in the experience to experience the serious consequences of improper driving accidents at the time and improve the driver's safe driving awareness.

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