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MR Technology Analysis
- Jun 29, 2018 -

MR has great commercial potential. In the virtual experience, MR can create unlimited changes, such as informing busy people to achieve collaboration and solve real problems.

For example, in such a scenario, imagine that a junior large-scale equipment technician was trapped in a large tractor and was completely overcome by mechanical failure. The rest of the staff sit side by side and cannot work. The site manager is anxious.

Fortunately, the mechanic's smart glasses can provide virtual help. He can use VR to contact a veteran mechanic while repairing on a real tractor, troubleshooting on the same tractor model, and getting online repair manuals through AR. Documents, find torque specifications and other repair details.

This is mixed reality.

For consumers, imagine that you are using IKEA's Place app to place and observe furniture in your home. You want to buy a bright red sofa, but before you buy it, you want to find out about your friends and family's view of the sofa in the living room.

So you use the VR function in smart glasses. Assuming you are using the VR mode of the IKEA Place app, you can invite several close relatives and friends (but first they must sit on the sofa that they can find). Now that everyone is sitting in your home's virtual environment, the sofa becomes a IKEA red sofa.

The virtual exhibition hall with mixed reality gives you a conclusion: Your friends and family love this sofa so you bought it.

In the business world, MR has unlimited possibilities.

At present, mixed reality technology is still in its infancy, which may become the dream of many VR and AR developers. This is because mixed reality can integrate the real situation at this moment with virtual reality and enhance the realistic feeling of many entertainment and business scenarios.

For example: The car designer can sit in a real car chair with armrests, shifters, and steering wheel. He can view the dashboard and interior through the VR function. Many people can remotely evaluate the design in this way. In fact, NVIDIA Holodeck can achieve this type of collaboration.

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