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Investing In Virtual Reality Industry Can Make Money
- Aug 04, 2016 -

National leader in the field of virtual reality Maya to join such a strange shadow accounts, "an online 9DVR store only need more than 10 flat façade, can also be rented a space in the Mall, a strange shadow illusion 3 seater 9DVR, assuming that business has 5 hours a day, every 5 minutes or so of the film, shows 60 games. Experience with single field for up to 3 people at the same time, if the fare is 25 Yuan per person, a day profit estimated at 4500 Yuan, profit in January of up to about 135,000. "Strange shadow illusion said, strange shadows lay will continue to provide for the franchisee" experience ", such as new games, new movie, new equipment, maintain an odd shadow illusion 9DVR franchise stability and development. It is not on the concept of "clearing", but the odd film fantasy franchisee's real income. More investments entrepreneurs began to smell sharp VR technology opportunities, no longer choose to wait-and-see, have joined this "gold rush". Morocco businessman Omar, and order 5 odd shadow illusion 9DVR Howe, for his virtual reality entertainment Hall.

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