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Guangzhou 9D VR Experience Museum Is Very Popular
- Dec 07, 2018 -


When visiting Guangzhou Panyu Wanda Plaza, I found that many people in front of the experience hall of 9D virtual reality (hereinafter referred to as "VR") were waiting in line for the experience. Mr. Yang, who was lined up, told reporters: "This experience hall has been in business since May 1st. There are many people waiting in line every day. There are VR helmets in the store. After wearing them, you can watch VR movies. 30 yuan is not expensive at the time. Just opened. I experienced a very shocking time. This is the second time I have brought my family up and I want them to experience the magical VR technology."

In order to more realistically feel the charm of a VR technology, the reporter also lined up to experience one. The VR film experienced by the reporter is a "roller coaster". After wearing the VR helmet, it feels like it is really sitting on a roller coaster. There are different scenes in 360 degrees. When you look up, you can see the sky and go down. I feel that I am flying in the air several tens of meters above the ground. It is very exciting. This feeling is a bit like the door of Doraemon. After passing through the door, I directly enter the "a world you have never been to." Although it was only the first experience, the reporter has been fascinated by this feeling of “traveling through time and space” and intends to go back and buy a VR helmet to experience at home.

According to industry experts, the VR Experience Hall is much simpler to operate than the traditional entertainment venues, and it feels fresher and more exciting. Therefore, it is foreseeable that with the popularity of VR helmets such as 3Glasses and the innovative VR commercial landing mode of Lectra, the future VR experience pavilion will replace the traditional interactive entertainment venues such as the game hall, which will set off a wave of virtual interactive entertainment.

Finally, the reporter also interviewed other consumers who are experiencing, and when they asked how they felt, they were all very addicted. The picture was very shocking and immersive. It was very real to use to watch movies and play games. The whole person has entered the world. When asked if they would like to experience it again, they all expressed their willingness. Next time I want to experience the latest sci-fi movies, Hollywood blockbusters, and popular big games.

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