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Football VR Chip
- Mar 20, 2019 -

     According to relevant media information, the football used in this competition, the football inside contains high-tech chips, this technology is called vr technology chip, the referee and related staff can check whether the player is fouled by VAR video, as well as the player's game situation, and One of the most important is to prevent the referee from misjudged. This high-tech has increased the fairness of the game between the World Cup players.

   Everyone knows Sony, Sony is very advanced in image and camera plus VR. The football chip of this World Cup is that the black technology chip is provided by Sony, which combines virtual reality with reality. Not only can you clearly see a situation in the whole game, but you can also make a clear judgment and prevent the referee from misjudgement.

      At the same time, he can accurately judge the athlete's action trajectory. This is the use of a dynamic scanner and whether the player is in violation of the rules, or, there is a fake action, the referee can clearly see on the display, their every move. Once found, the corresponding penalty will be given to the athlete who fouled.

     The football used in this World Cup is called Telstar 18, which contains NFC chips. The symbols of each football are unique. Compared with the previous human eye records, this technology can record more details.

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