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Cinema Strange Shadow Illusion First 360 Degree Rotation
- Aug 04, 2016 -

Commercialization project launched China's first virtual interactive entertainment device, the first set of 9D virtual reality experience, ingenuity to 360 ° immersive cutting edge virtual reality technology, dynamic simulation of numerical control machinery technology and diverse entertainment experience gameplay combined with one to create the integrated virtual reality experience. Its function and 5D theater and Director of dynamic effect, 7D Theater of interaction effect is increased a full sensory immersion in the virtual world of ultra-shock experience. What is it? Interactive virtual reality rides, you can't complete tasks in daily life, dreams and future! It is virtual reality interactive amusement car, and called virtual interactive hundred variable amusement car, and virtual reality show car, this car is equal to a large theme amusement park, at any time can magic like into top amusement park in the of various adventure adventure class game equipment, is Sichuan Zhuo letter wisdom Cheng technology company latest development results, to 360 degrees no corner real realistic create adventure class game equipment experience scene, immersed type immersive and virtual reality interactive feel with to ride who heart level entertainment shock

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