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Breaking The Space-time Limit Put The World In Front Of Your Eyes With VR
- Jun 15, 2018 -

China is the largest country in the global education market and one of the countries in the world that places the highest importance on education.

    In recent years, our classrooms have moved from chalk to blackboards to tape recorders and slides, to projectors, interactive whiteboards, and nano-blackboards. Modern teaching equipment has been continuously replaced, bringing unprecedented changes to classroom teaching. Today, the technology era is new. Product VR technology is sweeping the field of education, from folk to official, from local to central, more and more attention.

    In recent years, we have grasped the frontiers of science and technology, closely followed the development trend of the times and actively participated in VR education. We are committed to using AR/VR/MR and other new technologies to explore new teaching models and create a new world in the field of education. · The education field of the Vision Experience Pavilion has created a dual-screen interactive program that uses VR immersive experience as its content. The goal is to synchronize with large screens through small screen touches and experience VR immersive interactive solutions. The program integrates spatial positioning, interactive handles, VR headsets, and content cloud platforms. It is immersive, interactive, and conceived. It fully satisfies the requirements of experimental training and educational popularization in colleges and universities.


    VR interactive program aims to use VR to evade the hidden dangers of traditional laboratories and outdoor teaching activities. Students can immersively operate various devices and experience various occupations without leaving home, and expand their horizons with small VR glasses. See the world.

    Create VR dual-screen interactive content VR interaction, hyper-sensing popular science and other modules, you only need to wear VR glasses during the experience, then enter a virtual simulation environment, pick up the handle and interact with objects in the environment, you can clearly experience the unplug The fire extinguisher's insurance pin, which part of the assembly machine is installed first, what should the first step of the rescue drowning person... Through the two-screen interactive program, onlookers can also experience VR immersive interactive teaching in the process of watching the big screen.

    The potential of VR dual-screen interactive education is that it doesn't need to deliberately "learn". It only requires you to "experience". In the process of experience, knowledge points will naturally form memories and store them in the brain. It is human instinct to form memories of what they have experienced. VR education uses this feature to allow you to use your instinct to remember knowledge during the experience process. The next time you encounter a similar scenario, you can quickly mobilize your memory to make the right response.

    Similarly, VR technology can be applied to many disciplines and even all walks of life. With the help of VR technology, under the premise of guaranteeing the teaching effect, the time cost, economic cost and labor cost are greatly saved. This kind of education method brings learning efficiency. The promotion will accelerate the change of information and the development of various industries.

    In addition, VR SuperSense series solutions have been introduced, including hyper-influence classroom, ultra-influence maker, super-sensing science, super-experimental training, and more, using advanced technology and equipment to create a VR maker classroom as a full-scale Immersive, interactive, creative, displayable, multi-disciplinary virtual reality creation space for everyone to experience.

    To develop a new era of VR education industry with an eclectic horizon and ability, with the aim of injecting new vitality into the innovation and development of the education industry, and assisting schools in cultivating batches of elite talents who lead the frontier socioeconomic development and construction in the future.

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