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Best Gold 9D Experience In The History Museum
- Aug 04, 2016 -

Strange shadow illusion 9D experience is a 9DVR technology as the core, d stereo video, dynamic theater, head tracking, interactive, machine CNC, stereo imaging, animation production, network cloud technologies combined in one type of innovation projects. The audience can take "lost" to a variety of environments, as if through the Doraemon any door and go directly to another has never been to the world, enjoying a scene of shocking entertainment experiences, like virtual roller coasters, car racing, flight simulation, Space Odyssey, Jurassic adventure, etc. "Sitting in an odd shadow illusion 9D experience of oval-shaped seat, and then put on the special glasses, opened a scream to the sky tour. Felt like I was actually sitting on a roller coaster, 360 ° has a different scene, looking up to see the sky, look down feeling that he is flying dozens of meters in the air above the ground, is very exciting. Especially when it rushed down, feel shaky. ”

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