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AR/VR Protects Against Motion Sickness And Improves Ride Comfort
- Jun 29, 2018 -

According to foreign media reports, Apple engineer Mark Rober, a YouTuber, has been involved in Apple’s virtual reality project, which involves “using VR devices as vehicle-mounted entertainment devices for autonomous vehicles.”

AR/VR protects against motion sickness and improves ride comfort.jpg

Applenet Red Engineer Talks about AR/VR Patent: Preventing Motion-Sickness and Improving Riding Comfort


Rober talks about two of the Apple patents, "Immersive Visual Display" and "Augmented Virtual Display," which were filed in 2016 and describe a virtual reality system. Or for the use of passengers in autonomous vehicles. In the list of patents, Mark Rober is the main patent inventor.

Both patents mention that VR headsets may ease the motion sickness of self-driving vehicles. One of the patents suggests replacing the real environment with a virtual environment that covers visual cues. The physical motions experienced by the passengers match the virtual content and simulate the real target of the external environment in the visual image.

Another patent proposes a virtual reality system that aims to reduce motion sickness, and may also improve the user's work efficiency. During automatic driving, an in-car user can complete his or her work without symptoms of motion sickness.

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