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A Refreshing VR Show Experience
- Dec 25, 2018 -


A refreshing VR show experience

VR, the full name of VirtualReality, is virtual reality. VR is a system that deceives the human brain and perception.

When you bring VR glasses, you will find that the surrounding things move with your movement, allowing you to have an immersive experience.

The Shanghai Auto Show is not the first application of VR technology by Beijing Hyundai. In the previous Guangzhou Auto Show, Beijing Hyundai also set up a VR experience zone.

However, unlike before, this VR experience not only allows visitors to experience the real car experience, but also enjoy the "real car driving." Really give the visitors a refreshing experience.

"surreal" car experience

In addition to being able to bring viewers an unprecedented experience, VR technology will also be used in automotive design and development in the future.

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