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9D VR Virtual Experience
- Aug 04, 2016 -

A tale of freedom, a horrible, distant town breaking the zombie rage killing. Expressing power, feed on blood, zombies with the blood being vented endless solitude. New in July, Devil's gate was wide open, and the zombies with long, applying a variety of Mana, and walking group! Match the lunar calendar July "ghost month" theme, odd shadows fantasy team has launched a new 9DVR film of the new zombies long stole the, big "scare" Quartet! As head of the 9DVR industry leader signs an odd shadow illusion 9DVR experience is no accident a popularity high, 9DVR new movie new zombies long exciting and fresh experience even more by the audience alike. During the peak passenger flow, experience not only in front of the strange shadow illusion booth piled up even raised around small jams. As the world's first commercialization of virtual reality entertainment projects, 9DVR once again for its unique project innovative and flexible ground adaptability and high investment cost, became investment darlings of the eye, a single news, will start on the first day. Exhibition on 3rd, fast, you haven't had time to visit the scene, immediately seize the last chance to live free and 9DVR through town vs zombies!

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