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9D Virtual Reality Experience Museum Features
- Aug 04, 2016 -

1, no dead ends unobstructed view Bionic 125 ° angle, 1080P eyes independent HD resolutions, specially 9D helmets, with to the user a unique enjoyment of the full range of blind tour virtual world: surreal touch here, touches and dreams at the end of a virtual world. 2 interaction, dynamic special effects warehouse not beyond electric single-seat sports skills, speed can be adjusted from 10MM/to 167mm/seconds, motion-control precision and delicate, Telepresence promotion again. Also incorporates earthquakes within the silo unit, a shock back, poke back, such as special effects, so that user's entertainment experience more exciting, more immersive, and begging for more. 3, electric sports Sichuan zhuoxin zhicheng technology platform is based on electric platform, restore the real move, you can simulate the movements of various plots in the film, such as swing, lift, tilt, shift, Wang Chong, rough, etc. Every time is changed, every turn, every surprise, allowing users to fully experience the true pleasure of spatial displacement in the virtual world. 4, head aimed at the internal 9-axis sensor, 360 degree head tracking, no more armed with heavy weapons, just turn your head, you can aim accurately, with handles keys and killed, forms only a novelty, let users like avatar mythological figure Medusa, feel free to enjoy a glimpse of kill the greatest thrill of all.

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