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9D Virtual Reality Experience Dreams End Virtual
- Aug 04, 2016 -

Strange shadow illusion 9DVR brings together top technology it is the world's first virtual reality game system. Now the hottest odd shadow illusion 9DVR experience this powerful entertainment "gold rush" weapon. Program launched to attract the attention of many investors. 9DVR experience will become the new darling of the games industry? its appearance will become the youngest fashion group new goals, let us track. Experience is very exciting: immersive, ultra-realistic strange shadow illusion 9DVR experience is a 9DVR technology as the core, d stereo video, dynamic theater, head tracking, interactive, machine CNC, stereo imaging, animation production, network cloud technologies combined in one type of innovation projects. The audience can take "lost" to a variety of environments, as if through the Doraemon any door and go directly to another has never been to the world, enjoying a scene of shocking entertainment experiences, like virtual roller coasters, car racing, flight simulation, Space Odyssey, Jurassic adventure, etc. In recent years, the global epidemic of 3D/5D/7D theater, can be said to be an entry-level product in the field.

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