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9D Virtual Reality Experience
- Aug 04, 2016 -

Strange shadow illusion 9DVR experience is the world's first virtual reality experience 360 ° rotation commercial equipment and similar products 0 0 competitors, its marketing money scene is beyond doubt. Select investment projects, you must also focus on the profitability of the project follow-up, at the 9DVR level, that is, to watch Entertainment content update capability. Too few entertainment content, update rate is too low, it is difficult to ensure that customers, especially the number of repeat customers. If the company does not have a dedicated entertainment content development team, which is selling equipment "speculative dealers" service is difficult to guarantee. Strange shadow Maya, movie not only has its own research and development team, and regularly update and improve the 9DVR movie, and continue to enrich and develop original entertainment content repository, help partners continued the operational success of hot money.

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