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119 Fire Day Koi, Send You A VR Fire Truck To Open
- Jan 20, 2019 -

VR's unique immersion is not only used in entertainment, but is now widely used in other fields, such as medicine, military, education, etc. - then when VR encounters fire, what kind of collision will occur between the two What about sparks? VR technology is widely used in the field of firefighter training, allowing firefighters to immersively drive fire trucks to carry out on-site operations. As we all know, firefighters and uncles often swim in dangerous fires, and fire trucks as a special vehicle are very important equipment for fire fighters in the fire fighting process, playing a very important role in the fire fighting process. In recent years, as the size of the city has expanded, fire accidents have intensified, and it is increasingly important to deploy more fire engines and train more qualified fire truck operators.

 Therefore, the professional training of firefighters is very important. How to get firefighters to get more comprehensive fire truck operation training in peacetime has become an important measure to ensure efficient fire protection.

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