Why I believe that VR will change the entertainment industry and the world
- Aug 04, 2016 -

VR glasses everywhere, who are likely to enter the field. At least initially, the VR glasses industry will directly participate in the VR content production. All you want to insert the cell phone, need PC match, need to handle VR glasses are a transitional product, because they are contrary to human nature. Future VR glasses must be integrated, direct and cloud content, applications and computing capabilities. Hardware makers and content providers will be from a different point of view, into each other's territory, will end up more than marriage of hard and soft, hard and soft even one of the "Sony Colombia" or "Colombia Sony." Of course, any creative industry cannot be a monopoly, so VR content areas while there will be giant, but there will be an endless stream of micro, small head and head in. In contrast, the hardware business after 3-5 years of alliances, will ultimately be integrated, eventually leaving players on this map should not be better than today's mobile phone manufacturers and more. VR will result in the content industry reshuffle. In the early development of VR, everyone is Spielberg. VR movie is a 360-degree movie, it is the axis of the audience's eyes, along each of the viewer's gaze to advance the story. This enormous challenge, opportunity and temptation.

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