What is the use of vr glasses
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The full name is virtual reality glasses.

Can be used to watch videos. The specific usage of the product description is. Follow the player on the line.

VR Roller Coaster 360 Degree Simulator.jpg

For example, if you use this spectacles to watch a movie, it feels like you're sitting in a big movie theater watching a movie.

That is, VR head-mounted, virtual reality head-mounted display device. Due to the concept that there was no head display in the early days, according to the appearance, VR glasses, VR eye masks, VR helmets and other unprofessional names were generated. VR Headset uses a head-mounted display device to visually and audibly hide the outside world, and guides the user to create a sense of being in a virtual environment. The display principle is that the left and right eye screens respectively display the images of the left and right eyes, and the human eye obtains a three-dimensional effect in the mind after obtaining such information with differences.

AR (Augmented Reality) is augmented reality, also known as mixed reality. It uses computer technology to apply virtual information to the real world. The real environment and virtual objects are superimposed on the same screen or space at the same time.

VR (Virtual Reality) is Virtual Reality, or VR for short. Its concrete connotation is the technology of immersive sensation in the 3D environment that can be generated in an interactive and computer-generated 3D environment by comprehensively utilizing computer graphics systems and various interface devices such as reality and control.

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