Vr steps and methods
- May 26, 2018 -

According to the current hardware form of VR, VR headsets are mainly divided into three types:

1, mobile terminal display (commonly known as mobile VR)

2, one machine head (VR machine)

3, outside the connector wearing equipment (requires an external host).

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Mobile terminal display (phone VR) - also known as the VR glasses box, as long as the phone can watch. Such as small house z4, storm mirrors, etc., equivalent to advanced carton vr, the price ranged from tens to hundreds.

All-in-one head display - it has an independent CPU, input and output display capabilities, completely free from external devices. If you compare the big friends vr now. The form of the all-in-one machine can be regarded as a true VR independent product, free from space constraints and other external influences. However, the current problem of the VR integrated machine is that the technical threshold is too high and the cost is too high, and it is still difficult to do it.

External connector wearable device VR (PCVR) - also known as PC head display, need to be connected to the computer to watch, such as htc vive, oculus. This type of vr is currently the best, belongs to professional-grade glasses , The user experience is very good, but the price is very expensive, but also need to generally need more than 970 graphics card, the use of high cost, a set down to tens of thousands. If you want to play, it's not just about buying a VR, you need to purchase matching host equipment. In addition, due to the external-connected devices, PCs, PS4, and other host devices must be connected to interact with each other. When experiencing some playable games, they will be bound by data cables. PC-side VR may be widely used in the VR experience in the future. Halls and the like.

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