Vr function introduction
- May 22, 2018 -

3D VR virtual reality glasses and a wonderful real 3D experience:

The main function of VR in the market is to watch iMAX movies and play 3D games with mobile phones.

1. Head-mounted or head-mounted version.

2. The virtual screen is about 2-3 meters and 80 inches away.

3. Good 3D glasses, plastic manufacturing, excellent workmanship.

4. The focal length FD can be properly adjusted to ensure that the distance from the near glasses will not hurt the eyes.

5. Myopia: less than 600 degrees. 0-300 myopia does not affect the viewing experience.

6. 3D games: Select left and right formats when searching for VR games on Google Play.

7. Controller: Controlling the mobile phone, it can also be used as a 3D game design gamepad, you can get the permission to download 3D games.

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