The best solution for virtual reality sports
- May 24, 2018 -

Moving comfortably and immersively in the virtual world is still an obstacle that VR game developers need to overcome. Integrate a series of VR motion systems into a comprehensive package that allows users to walk, run and climb comfortably.

Since the emergence of video games, large-scale traversal in the broad virtual world has become part of game design. In games such as Halo, players can run, drive or perform hundreds of virtual flights. But in VR, driving or flying is usually very comfortable, but running and walking are not. Therefore, many developers have been working hard to implement the game's movement mechanism in order to allow players to move comfortably in physical space.

There have been many different motion solutions in the past, most of which are comfortable but not necessarily immersive. At present, the common method is from one place to the next, but it is difficult to maintain a stable mental map and it is easy to lose.

In order to solve the comfort and immersive VR problem, a comprehensive package of features "is approaching the solution to immersive VR motion problems within the limits of current virtual reality.

Movement mechanism. It is designed by oneself, running in situ, sports system. It means that it allows the player to move comfortably and immersively, and at the same time liberates their hands to interact with the virtual world (this is particularly important for games that often use weapons such as guns or knives).

Virtual Reality Shuttle Motion Platform.jpg

For example, if the player walks in physical space, they can move up and down along the slope and stairs (rather than forming through geometric clipping). There is also a climbing system that can detect "grab" geometry and allow a player to control the model through a program that can climb. In addition there is a smart way to deal with the player's situation on the walls and edges.

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