Primary role of dynamic seat
- Aug 04, 2016 -

4D motion seats are controlled by a computer according to the storyline of the film is different to different special effects, for example, fall, shock, Wind Jet, rain spray, and so on, coupled with a carefully designed out of the smoke, rain, optoelectronics, bubbles, scents, and so on, thereby creating a consistent content-aware environment. Imagine, we are just watching a movie through the Visual and auditory, it's really hard to immersive experience movie, to integrate into the plot has been very difficult. Now, we sat in dynamic seat Shang, watch film Shi along television content of changes, can real-time feel to storm, and lightning, and rain, and impact, and spray mist, and took leg, side by occurred and stereo image corresponds to of event, 4D dynamic Theater of seat has spray water, and Jet, and vibration, and sweep leg, function, such variable mobilization has audience of perception system, makes audience can real of into film in the. Which reach every audience will follow the plot of the film to walk again.

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