Passive glasses
- Aug 04, 2016 -

Polarized glasses: conventional sunglasses reduce visible light, but very weak ability to resist glare. Since its introduction in 1936, polarized lenses only allow light through in one direction (vertical plane) and absorbs all other direction of dispersion of light, in this way, it can reduce glare. Unrelated to the polarizing and ultraviolet protection, but most of the polarized lenses contain chemicals that block UV rays. Because the polarizer reduces glare, so a lot of golf, fishing, and outdoor enthusiasts to it ten minutes. Recommended drivers and people who work in front of a computer screen. Through a special laminating process, increase polarizing filters for glasses. Hard resin and high index plastic lenses are polarized in the casting process. Polycarbonate lenses when in a liquid state, polarizing films added to it.

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