One machine VR
- Jun 01, 2018 -

One machine VR, which has an independent CPU, input and output display functions, completely get rid of the computer ah transmission line and so on the things that get in the way, the price ranges from 1000-3000, there is a friend to say, this should be regarded as a real sense Good VR now, but in 2016, the market share of all-in-one VR is less than 2% (mostly mobile VR, followed by PC VR). Simply put, one machine is nothing more than VR manufacturers do block mobile phone screen Into the VR glasses, if your phone resolution is not low (resolution 1080P or more), put the phone into the phone VR, the effect is basically the same, and if you have a higher pixel mobile phone, congratulations, complete explosion one machine . Think about this: If you have a 3,000-inch machine embedded in a cell phone, where would you go?

VR Roller Coaster 360 Degree Simulator.jpg

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