New Uses for Mobile Phones One Second Change to Big Screens Can VR Glasses Really Have Virtual Reality?
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Several VR glasses and dozens of 3D VR game pieces customized by Nibiru. Such as the perfect world of "Ghosts and Fantasy", Euglas's "Fighting Soul Calibur", "Different Storm", "Evil Spirit Killing Field", "Shadow Gun VR" and so on.

At the media meeting, Rui Yue, the founder of Ruiyue Information, presented the guests with the advantages of virtual reality games and the advantages of integrating hardware and software resources under the game industry.

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According to him, at present, Nibiru game platform has been supported by the mobile game engine Unity, COCOS and many independent engines. It is reported that domestic and foreign well-known brand gaming peripheral manufacturers such as Jin Heyue, Lai Shida, MOGA, King LeapMotion activism, Hong Kong Wei Ai, extremely interesting, etc. are all optimistic about the future development of virtual reality games.

This time, the launch of the platform supporting virtual reality glasses "Nibiru Dream Mirror" is different from Oculus RIft and other similar virtual reality glasses. Instead of the built-in display device, the price of virtual reality glasses is greatly reduced.

According to reports, the reason for adopting this scheme is that the current penetration rate of smart phones is already quite high, and the mobile phone products on the market are basically equipped with high-definition display screens, and the effect of virtual reality helmets must be combined with video and game content. To be able to play it out, these content ecosystems have become very mature on mobile phones. Therefore, choosing a solution based on smartphone imaging has great advantages in promoting virtual reality devices.

Lai said that Nibiru hopes to use barbaric growth methods and virtual reality devices at different price points to rapidly occupy the first batch of mega virtual reality users. It is estimated that by mid-2015, 1.5 million users will be involved.

In the future, Nibiru will push new titles to users at a rate of 5 per month on the basis of 20 existing games.

According to third-party research data, once the virtual reality technology is popularized, it will burst out with astonishing market power, and the market scale for games and film and television alone may exceed trillions. In the future, education, scientific research, social networking, tourism, transportation, and design will all become areas where this technology is widely used.

If the cheap version of virtual reality glasses can attract the attention of the players, then it will take the lead in cultivating some of the users, let them experience the fun brought about by virtual reality technology. Whether immersive games can bring a new breath to the entire game industry depends on whether the virtual reality devices in the later stages can be followed in the game content production to meet the needs of players.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the organizers gave each guest who attended the gyro representing the dream and the real boundary in the movie Pirates of Dreams, hoping to use it to convey the gap between the virtual world and the reality is already being Shrinking, then does this VR device that looks a bit "imminent" and "glass clip phone" really virtual reality? It is also necessary to wait until the gyro turns up to see what happens.

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