Motion to adopt open source technology-driven lifestyle changes
- Aug 04, 2016 -

First scenario of natural or healthy directions. Their partnership with the largest basketball camp for children, the depth cameras, smart TV and projector series of intelligent solutions into over more than 50 training ground, deploying smart training solutions. Meanwhile, by Ken sunshine stars basketball teaching and professional coaching resources for the preparation of interactive virtual classes, and students via intelligent sensing device at home or other remote participation, and review courses on the training ground. Next campaign and the joint development of a youth basketball training camp body measurement tools, to participants of athletic ability and basketball skills standardized indicators, such as automatic identification. By a well-known partner in the industry go-between, Guangzhou State projector manufacturers in transition are looking to the Internet to find them. The manufacturer is hoping through sports sense to identify interfaces and depth of the cooperation with the sports camera manufacturers to jointly create the new smart projector products, so that the projector can according to user's position, gestures and other biological information in real time to respond, for better projection and content interaction. "This may be the first time projector user can be seen, rather than just switching light bulbs", Li Mingming told me.

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