Motion Chair technology
- Aug 04, 2016 -

Motion seat technology is divided into a pneumatic, hydraulic and electric are the three, currently is the largest hydraulic motion Chair, because the hydraulic motion seat technology high requirements, and the price is relatively cheap, can be said to be the most cost-effective a motion seat. Pneumatic motion seat structures and technical requirements are simple, price is the lowest, excessive motion Chair belonging to the first level, so basically no movement Theater in this seat. Electric motion seat structure and control software is relatively complex, price is the most expensive, so the domestic with the electro-dynamic seat movie theater is not a lot. General 4D motion cinema use is hydraulic motion seat, every seat can sit two people, convenient combination, dynamic effects, able to lift, tilt, swing, three degrees of freedom movement. Now, during the Expo, China space technology applications on the 4D motion seat, watching aviation movies when audiences under the seat and back, sometimes leaning forward, let the audience have enough coffee for the addicted, thought he was following the plane flying in the sky.

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