I bought 22 pieces of 8 VR glasses, and the gap of thousands of pieces was originally here
- Jun 05, 2018 -

With the enthusiasm of VR technology, almost every industry wants to come to a wave of hot spots. Some have found the right time to see the stitches fly up on the tuyere, such as the VR adult movie that is currently bursting with fire. VR has been involved in education, medical care, fitness, live broadcasting, tourism, and other industries, but the current level of development is far less than VR games.

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One of the important differences is that on VR devices, the price of the headline varies from a hundred to a thousand, and the price is different. The experience that can be obtained is naturally different. Some time ago, the domestic quite popular VR mobile phone box, the price on an online shopping platform is also quite amazing! The minimum was only sold for 22.8 yuan, this price, even decent X installed equipment can not buy ah. Could it be that Liang Jingru gave this product the courage to add VR in English to the name?

VR, or virtual reality technology, is a technology that comprehensively utilizes computer graphics systems and various interface devices such as reality and control to provide immersive sensation in an interactive, three-dimensional environment generated on a computer. Among them, computer-generated, interactive three-dimensional environment and immersive sense, these three elements are indispensable in VR.

It's more straightforward to say, when you experience VR products, whether it can give you a strong sense of reality and incorporation, so that you can't tell reality and virtuality. In general, the stronger this feeling is, the better the VR headshot is. And to a certain extent, the effect of VR products is directly proportional to its price.

However, as mentioned above, the VR mobile phone box, which is similar to the 3D glasses, can display 3D images in front of the eyes to make it look more three-dimensional. There is nothing special about it. You want to experience it here. VR's sense of realism and immersion are simply ridiculous.

In the face of such cheap "technical" products, consumer evaluation of it is also a word, poor! What more is the caller, but can you not go out of your mind? Is this a special two magnifying glass? Usually this kind of thing is encountered, and everyone treats it as a joke. Most people do not understand VR, if you experience such a thunderstorm event, and do not say that the goodwill of VR plummeted, what if this dirty water to splash on the VR game how to do?

The reason for this situation is not only that people do not know enough about the new technology of VR, but also that some companies that are sceptical and speculative in order to focus on the hot spot, to increase sales volume to blur the concept of VR, have drilled loopholes in some people's cognitive loopholes. Making their products, which are not at all the same, seems to be "almost" similar to real VR, attracting consumers who are shy but want to be fashionable.

This kind of thing emerges endlessly, no matter what kind of products just rely on VR to rely on, you can sell a good sales. 3D VR is a very common example, especially in the education industry! At present, there are few companies that can provide mature VR education. How can they be full of streets? The streets full of pits are almost the same, stepped in and excavated one by one, waiting for the "bunny rabbit" to jump. Those unqualified but ambitious educational institutions have also used some good-faced consumers to blindly worship science and technology, but they have little knowledge of this feature. They sell the 3D-educated cabbage to the VR education price of white powder. The water is quite deep, and the easiest way to recruit is to have some spare cash and parents who have pinned their hopes on their children. They have little knowledge of such products, but they can't help but sneak in the incitement of psychology salespeople. After trying out the legendary "VR education" equipment, they were shocked by 3D stereoscopic images, and they didn't even offer wallets. In fact, the most fundamental reason for this is the lack of understanding of this new technology. Only by maintaining an open heart and willingness to contact new products, we do not make any conclusions about things that we do not understand, and we maintain a humility attitude toward what we know. So who can fool you?

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