How far is the somatosensory interaction into everyday life
- Aug 04, 2016 -

Single wheel motorcycle, bicycle pedal, intelligent smart with GPS bracelets ... ... Those with a heavy "I robot" style of the noun are Li Mingming of the team. "Their costs are too high, demand and cost not equal, we just want to be able to withstand requirements verification thing", Li Mingming told me. Dark patterns of plate glass, slightly faded Star Wars Tee, obviously conservative hairstyle and hat in the bag Surface Pro 3 ... ... Full of inner conflict from his belongings would not be such a once in NetEase, Sina, TOM sports Web sites make business people behave but rigorous surprised some at home. He loved sports, I guess this is he simply called "movements" reasons. Li Mingming also maintains a document across sports and science and technology circles, called "stand FM" podcast. "The idea began with the starting point of a not-ripe": air conditions in Beijing and Shanghai, Li Mingming and Meng in a Palace, a partner had to give up jogging because of the haze ideas lunch break, decided to rely on the company team's accumulation in body recognition technology implemented "all professional training in the Office" this dream. More appropriate or ideal.

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