4D seat type
- Aug 04, 2016 -

M-motion seat in the theater is generally divided into: 4D, m-4D seat, of the seat motion platform three. While at the same time are called dynamic seat, but there is a big difference. 4D seat: a single degree of freedom Chair, was the first, and least expensive seats, it can only move up and down. About 10,000 within a city in the country. 4D a seat is a set of two, also has four-seater. M-4D seat: commonly known as the three degrees of freedom seating, was developed only in recent years, it can not only move up and down, front and back, left and right movement. Home about 30,051. M-4D seat sport is simulated on the seesaw, one after another. It's campaign has decided it is generally only a set of two, if the dynamic four-seater is guided to the right or left side of the seat 4D seat sport in the middle of the range. Mobile platform: commonly known as the six degrees of freedom seating, it not only has the full functionality of m 4D's seat, but also about sport, it is the most expensive one motion seat. Dynamic platform is a platform below, on the platform put ordinary chairs. Its movement is relying on the entire platform movement exercise with chairs on the terrace.

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