4D movies
- Aug 04, 2016 -

4D movies (or four-dimensional films) is in 3D stereoscopic film based on and the surrounding environment effects simulation and a new type of film and television production, but not the geometric meaning of four dimensional space. 4D movie usually is will vibration, and hair dryer, and spray water, and smoke, and bubble, and smell, and set and characters performances, effect simulation introduced 3D movie in the, formed a unique of performances form, these site stunt effect and plot close combined, plus Theater Chair of special equipment, create a and film content phase consistent of environment, let audience through Visual, and smell, and hearing and touch multiple body senses experience movie brings of new entertainment effect, immersive, breathtaking, and tension stimulus [1]. 4D cinema first appeared in the United States, such as the famous Spider-man, leap, T2 and other projects in California, are widely used in the 4D form.

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