4D motion theater
- Aug 04, 2016 -

4D motion cinema – 3D cinema is concerned, is based on the 3D cinema, with the audience surrounding a variety of special effects and professional dynamic seat. Environmental effects generally refers to lightning simulation/snow/rain simulation analog simulation/simulation/smoke/bubble drop hot vibration simulation/Jet/spray/drops/spray/leg sweep/from ainsliaea fragrans Champ/eryin/windy, one of many. Developed a unique form of acting, this is the very popular 4D City Theater. 4D is the product of movies and special effects theater. In addition to stereo Visual pictures, shows also can simulate lightning, smoke, snow, scent and other natural phenomena, fall of audience seats can produce, vibration, wind, water spray, sweep the leg movements. These special effects combined with stereoscopic images and plots, on the Visual and physical experience to bring new entertainment to the audience, is an immersive, exciting.

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