4D equipment
- Aug 04, 2016 -

Special props glasses active shutter glasses 3D glasses (3D Shutter Glasses, also known as the LC shutter glassesoractive shutter glasses) is a new type of video glasses, belongs to a kind of head-mounted virtual display. Shutter 3D glasses-also known as the glasses display, iriver PMP. Such use-shutter 3D technology designed for high-end video glasses, mainly through improving fast refresh rate of the screen (usually 120Hz) to achieve the 3D effect, which belongs to the active 3D technology. Dang 3D signal entered to displayed equipment (such as display, and projector,) Hou, image will to frame sequence of format achieved around frame alternating produced, through infrared launches device, Bluetooth, wireless way will these frame signal transmission out, is responsible for received of 3D glasses in refresh synchronization achieved around eye watch corresponds to of image, and keep and 2D depending on like same of frame number, audience of two only eyes see fast switch of different picture, and in brain in the produced illusion (camera shooting not out effect), will watch to stereo image.

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