1/2 Inch Shaft Linear Motion Bearing LMB8UU
- Dec 08, 2018 -

Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

1/2 inch shaft linear motion bearing LMB8UU
1 High precision and rigidity
The Linear motion bearing is produced from a solid steel outer cylinder.
Also the linear motion bearing incorporates either a patented all steel hardened seamless ball retainer or an industrial strength resin retained.
2 Ease of assembly
The standard type of linear motion bearing can be loaded from any direction.
Precision control is possible using only the shaft supporter, and the mounting surface can be machined easily.
We also provides a variously of housings for all types of slide bushings, offering convenience of design and assembly.
3 Ease of replacement
Linear motion bearing of each type are completely interchangeable because of their standardized dimensions and strict precision control.
Replacement because of wear or damage is therefore easy and accurate.
4 Variety of types
We offers a full line of linear motion bearing: the standard, integral single-retainer closed type, the clearance adjustable type and the open, double-retainer, and flanged types.
The user can choose from among these according to the application requirements to be met.
"UU" means rubber seals on the both sides of the long type bearing
"LM" means metric standard type
"LME" means inch standard type
"OP" means open type
"AJ" means adjustment type
*LM...UU: LM...(sylinder), LM...OP(open type), LM...AJ(clearance adjustable)
*LME...UU: LME...(sylinder), LME...OP(open type), LME...AJ(clearance adjustable), LM...UU & LME...UU: Long type