4Dof Racing Car

4Dof of electric motion platform. TV model and VR model switch freely 5 games with hundreds of tracks under VR and TV model 5 games with hundreds of tracks under TV model

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The SDRS is a high precision motion simulation, it can simulate the state of the car accurately . you can feel the bumpy ride、motion acceleration、the slant of the car、 crash、leap、and impact of shifting when you drive the SDRS. In older to achieve the accurate speed and frequency of the innervation(response Time 2.5ms ),We use the most advanced the technology of the motor driver and motion control .The SDRS has the ability of heavy load and high response times because of the  rigorous  design  and argument.it is steady and noiseless when it drive acutely. The software supports multiple games , also it is friendly interface and humanized operation.5.jpg




l Game Support:LFS/DIRT2/DIRT3/GRID2/GRID3/F1 2012/F1 2013 /F1 2014 /F1 2015 /Assetto Corsa/Project                    CARS/GSC/rFactor

l Operating System:Windows xp /Win 7/Win8

l Game Identification Way: Automatic Identification

l Adjustable Parameter:Angle、Acceleration、Softness、Vibration Intensity


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